Hi, I’m ‘Trick Slattery (‘Trick is short for Patrick, the nickname I go by most of the time). Welcome to my author and artist hub, where I talk about the books I’m writing, the philosophy I propose, and some of my more creative endeavors. I’m an autodidact who has put in countless hours in the study and pursuit of philosophy, starting at a young age up to the old man I am today.skyhorse-SHOT-BW

I also create silly art, which for me is almost a form of meditation.

I‘m author of  Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind, I blog about the lack of free will here, and I currently have a book in the works on secular morality without free will. I am progressing as a writer, and with each new book you will see my writing style improve.

I am a naturalist and secularist who cares about truth, standards of knowledge (epistemology), and the well-being of conscious creatures. I don’t believe in things that are not sound and not based on rigorous standards of knowledge. I have many views that are not considered mainstream, and I am looking to educate or give people some “food for thought” about these non-mainstream positions.

I have compassion for those who disagree with me, though I do not put up with misinformation on my sites (there are other sites for that sort of thing). I do understand why people have the thoughts, intuitions, and feelings that they do, as that is all a part of their past causal make-up. I do not look to scare of people with dissenting positions, but I do ask that they keep an open mind, and most of all, try to be courteous in light of disagreement whenever possible.

I don’t take a “divide and conquer” approach to philosophy. Rather, I take an incremental change approach. For the most part, people do not just change views immediately. It takes long progressions of thought and factors from various sources before someone has an “aha” moment and things really click. Some philosophical ideas can at first appear as dangerous depending on a persons psychology at the time. I make attempts to bridge gaps when possible (even if for some that bridge will not be accepted). I’m a free will skeptic, so I understand that the person who tears down bridges could not have, of their own accord, done otherwise. This is why I support incremental changes and hope my books and articles have influence in these realms.

As always, I love making new friends. Together we can make a difference in the world.



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