Mar 242016

THINKING-OUT-LOUD-PODCAST-LOGOI’ve started a new podcast titled the “Thinking Out Loud Podcast”. Right now the purpose of the podcast is to practice my off-the-cuff speaking, as it is terrible! I’m currently in toastmasters in order to improve these skills, but as another way to practice  I’ve decided to create this podcast which I will attempt to talk out loud about some philosophical idea or concept that happens to be in my mind at the time. These will be entirely impromptu talks that can range from 10 to 20 minutes. Because of the impromptu nature, don’t expect speaking quality until much improvement is made.

If my impromptu talking improves I may eventually place the better podcasts on iTunes, but until then they are pretty localized to just my site and facebook and just for practice and feedback. Right now I stumble, mumble, and my Rochester accent is way too strong – making me sound rather unintelligent.

To access a list of the podcasts, go here:

If you want, send me feedback via facebook or email with suggestions or ideas!



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